Mary R. Butler


Born in Jackson , Georgia Mary R. Butler, was predestined to be a writer.  Having written her first short story in the fifth grade, she was later accused by her teacher of stealing the story from a book.  Today, Mary is an author, playwright, poet, and stand-up character portrayal comedian.  Her first novel A Kiss in the Dark is preceded by her first collection of poems called Poetry of Life: Then and Now.  From this collection, her poem “Dream Vision” was published at the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Mary’s is currently working on her second novel and is preparing to release a book by her on-stage comedic character Mama Peavy.  She is also preparing to tour her critically acclaimed show Mama Peavy & Friends.  Check her tour schedule for a show near you.

In addition to the above, she has also authored and directed short plays for Sword of the Spirit Children and Youth Bible Study Ministry.  She toured with the children and youth as they performed in several churches and communities.  She also taught and directed a step-team in Cabbage Town, a low-income community in Atlanta.

Mary is a minister of the Gospel and continues to speak at various church events.  Mary truly believes that with Christ anything is possible.  She attributes her faith and her obedience to her current success as a writer and business owner. 

Mary has two daughters, Nicole and Danielle, and currently resides in Georgia with her husband.